Projects at Tri-State Drilling


Transmission Lines

One of the largest and toughest jobs in Tri-State’s 60-year history, CP&L’s Middletown-Norwalk included 45 miles of 345-kV. Line in...Read more

Center to Grand Forks

Transmission Lines

Starting in the spring of 2012 crews began work on the mammoth 1352 foundation project from Center to Grand Forks, ND.  The Minnkota...Read more

CAPX2020 La Crosse

Transmission Lines

After the need was determined for an electrical interstate system connecting Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin the CAPX2020...Read more


Transmission Lines

Arrowhead-Weston is a 220-mile transmission line connecting Duluth, Minn., with Wausau, Wis. The project, built by Wisconsin Public...Read more


Transmission Lines

Dominion’s Meadowbrook-Loudoun is a 65-mile 500-kV transmission line (part of the Trail Project), located in northwest Virginia,...Read more

Tehachapi Renewable~Transmission Project - Segments 7 & 8

Transmission Lines

With a goal established that by 2020, 33% of all energy in the state of California was to come from renewable sources, the Tehachapi...Read more

Ford Parkway Shaft Project

Access and Exploratory Shafts

Tri-State's ability to maintain a small footprint came into play during the installation of this 60 foot deep tunnel access shaft, where...Read more

Cell Towers

Cell Towers

Similar to transmission lines, cell tower work has a requirement for quick-response and high-mobility. Tri-State has been the go-to...Read more

Secant Wall

Foundation Piers

Tri-State installed this secant wall to secure an AEP four-legged tower from erosion by the Arkansas River.Read more

Minnesota Historical Society Building

Foundation Piers

An unusually tight schedule and deep excavations to rock made this project a good fit for Tri-State’s capabilities. Tri-State is proud...Read more

Norfolk Southern RR Bridge

Foundation Piers

Tri-State’s expertise in wet conditions and rock applies well to many bridge foundation applications. Tri-State adhered to a difficult...Read more

Bondurant Substation


In addition to transmission lines, Tri-State has also done a fair share of substation work. In this case it was a greenfield 161/345kV...Read more