Smart Foundations for a Smart Grid.


Drill excavations in progress at 235

 New!  Click here to see the video on our big North Dakota project

(...Also, click here to see exciting aerial views of our work in Wisconsin)

Tri-State Drilling, Inc. is America's premier provider of drilled foundations for electrical transmission lines.  Since 1955, our customers have known that when they choose Tri-State, they are choosing a company they can count on.  Our experienced crews do top-quality work, and will complete your job on time, leaving the site in tip-top shape.

While there are many who would imitate us, no one can compete with Tri-State Drilling’s proven track record of quality, reliability and innovation. To date, we alone retain the know-how that, year after year, has kept us at the top in our field, nationwide.  Let our experience, skill and large fleet assist your company as, together, we help America keep the lights on.